01. Unfortunately, many second language students seem to [perceive] language learning as something that can be achieved in a few months, whereas in reality, it is a life-long process.
02. Children do not always [perceive] the relationship between success and effort in the things they do.
03. Cigarette smoking is widely [perceived] as being the most serious health issue in society today.
04. The young man gave a barely [perceptible] nod when asked if he had stolen the car.
05. He didn't speak much English, but he was able to [perceive] what I was trying to say.
06. When they awoke, they could just [perceive] the first rays of the sun as it rose behind the mountains.
07. We could [perceive] the shape of a man standing in the fog under a street lamp.
08. I thought I could [perceive] a bit of jealousy in my girlfriend's voice when she asked me who the woman was that I was talking to.
09. When you spank your child, he or she may [perceive] that it's okay to hit someone who does something you don't like.
10. [Perceiving] that my boss was angry about something, I decided not to talk to him about a raise just yet.
11. Many animals [perceive] their environment largely through their sense of smell.
12. Men are often [perceived] as being less sensitive than women.
13. Ultra-violet light waves cannot be [perceived] by the human eye.
14. Dogs can [perceive] certain sounds which the human ear cannot hear.
15. People generally obey the law because they believe it is right and [perceive] that it is in the best interests of society for everyone to do so.
16. The human brain [perceives] depth by looking at something with both eyes, creating a three-dimensional image.
17. The governor is [perceived] as being somewhat of an economic conservative and a social liberal.
18. Immigration policy in this country is [perceived] by the ethnic community as being discriminatory towards visible minorities.
19. Humans are born with the ability to [perceive] a wide range of smells.
20. Children who are constantly criticized by their parents will begin to [perceive] themselves as bad.
21. It is important for bosses to avoid any [perception] of unfairness when dealing with employees.
22. Even factually incorrect beliefs can shape the [perceptions] and behavior of people who hold them.
23. The most important process in socialization is learning to [perceive] one's acts from the standpoint of other people.
24. Kareem's wife is a very sensitive and [perceptive] person who can always tell how he feels about something.
25. Edward Craig once said that an artist is someone who [perceives] more than his fellows, and who records more than he has seen.
26. Singer Kenny Rogers once remarked that growing older is not upsetting, but being [perceived] as old is.
27. Ludwig Wittgenstein once observed that if we spoke a different language, we would [perceive] a somewhat different world.
28. Actress Anouk Aimee once stated that you can only [perceive] real beauty in a person as they get older.
29. Leonardo da Vinci observed that all our knowledge has its origins in our [perceptions].
30. Someone once said that happiness is 90% [perception], and ten percent reality.
31. The human eyes can [perceive] more than 1 million simultaneous visual impressions, and are able to discriminate among nearly 8 million gradations of color.
32. Sight accounts for 90 to 95 percent of all sensory [perceptions].
33. The human eye is continuously, but [imperceptibly] moving.
34. Arvind Ganeson once noted that governments ignore human rights in favor of [perceived] trade advantages.
35. Conversations have a normal speed, and people are not always tolerant of what they [perceive] to be long pauses made by second language learners.
36. Alcohol reduces one's depth [perception], which is one of the reasons why it is so dangerous to drink and drive.
37. Research suggests that there is a strong, subjective component to the [perception] of beauty.
38. The [perception] of beauty is influenced to some degree by subjective components which are culturally dependent.
39. Sensation and [perception] allow us to create our immediate experience of the environment around us.
40. High-tech industries are [perceived] to be of importance to our nation's economic growth.
41. Many people [perceive] that green issues are important to our country.
42. Every day you work on your English, you make progress, however [imperceptible] that progress may be to you.
43. [Perceiving] that the woman was very angry, I tried to find out what had happened.
44. Cato the Elder once remarked that anger so clouds the mind that it cannot [perceive] the truth.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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